Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful Asians battle: Angelababy or Ayumi Uehara?

I recently stumbled into HK model Angela Yang aka Angelababy online. According to Kineda, she is one of Hong Kong’s most popular models. Angelababy began her modeling career at the young age of 14 and has literally been on the cover of every woman’s magazine in Hong Kong. The media simply can’t get enough of her huge eyes, sweet smile, and eurasian looks. Last year she grossed over HK$2 million from product deals with Nokia, Shiseido, Giordano, Fendi, 7 for All Mankind and other high profile brands.

Here are some of her pics:

Ayumi Uehara on the other hand is a pretty 27 year old fashion model and actress from Tokyo. She started acting in 2000 and has since appeared on 12 TV shows and is currently appearing in TV Asahi’s Eazy Sports and Otome音女 .

Despite her TV appearances, she has really been more popular as a fashion model regularly appearing in magazines such as S Cawaii and Puckish. She’s also modeled for lingerie maker RavijourMTV Pinks, Kobe Collection 2008 Autumn/Winter and appeared on MTV Japan and girlswalker’s Girls Collection vol1 and vol2.

Update: A lot of high res pics are here. Just scroll down the page to see more photo sets.

Some sample pics below.

So who do you choose? Ayumi Uehara or Angelababy?

Monday, March 22, 2010

The best eye photos

The first photo is of Sharbat Gula, an Afghan girl photographed by National Geographic's Steve McCurry. Her photo has captivated the world since coming out on the cover of a Nat Geo 1985 magazine.

Image thanks to photobucket

She was never photographed again, until 17 years later. To find out more about Sharbat, click here.

The second photo is of a young girl. I don't know her name, but I find her eyes incredibly beautiful.
Image thanks to 

Google's take on our 2010 presidential candidates...

I only picked out the 2 most popular candidates. Google doesn't seem to have suggested search results for the others. 

Manny Villar

When it comes to search volumes, Manny Villar dominates the race according to Google Trends, followed by Noynoy Aquino (at 46% of Villar's search volume), Gibo Teodoro (at 24% of Villar's), Erap (19%), and Br Eddie Villanueva (7%). Dick Gordon does not generate enough search volume.  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Youtube now transcribing audio!

Youtube is now transcribing the audio part of its videos - see screenshot...
This seems to be for a select number of videos only. Songs for instance can't be transcribed.
This is an amazing development for deaf people to benefit from Youtube, and for normal people to understand better and faster.

And here's the actual video!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Chinese products - Can opener

I bought a China made can opener yesterday, so that I can eat canned goods in the office. Reading the product characteristics in the can opener I bought is a laugh! Here it is: (word per word, capitalization copied as well)

Product characteristics and usage:
1. High-Quality products through Manpower design, using effort and convenient.
2. Specialized manufacture, specialized production-runs equipment, cutting high rigidity and sharp.
3. Beautiful shape, reliable structure, guards against rust durably, strives for perfection the perfect manufacture.
4. Keep sanitary, wiped it clean after uses up