Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Nov 2009 HK experience in pictures

This is my HK experience in a few pictures. Blogger isn't a very user-friendly blogging platform for uploading photos so I'll upload just a few.

Dinner at Cafe de Coral! The food there tastes good!
Majority of the food is already inside the pot.

At Stanley Market. We met two cute Spanish toddlers here. Charmagne wanted so much to take a photo with the kids.

At The Priory, we met three new friends there - Neva, Tami and Colleen. Hoegaarden was great - not cheap though - 65HKD (~400PHP) for 1 pint.

One of the attractions at Ngong Ping is the Tian Tan Buddha. You have to climb 268 steps in order to get to the top. It was foggy then so I couldn't get a clear picture of the Buddha.

Below the Tian Tan Buddha, there are several statues giving "offerings".

Nice view of the pillar, e? :) This is in the Buddhist temple.

Jet Li

A tourist's best friend- the always reliable MTR.
Bruce Lee.

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