Sunday, April 25, 2010

School 360 - the story of our (yet unpublished) book - anyone willing to publish it?

In the year 2007, my friend Paul Garilao and I were faced with a question: What have successful people done during their youth that set the stage for their future success? Did they do something special during their schooling years and the few years after their graduation?

We hoped to uncover a few principles that can help current students maximize their life, and invest in their future.

So throughout 2007, we interviewed several people who many people would consider successful in their fields:
  • Rico Hizon - multi-awarded Filipino BBC broadcaster
  • Cecilio Pedro - CEO, Lamoiyan Corporation 
  • Paeng Nepomuceno - one of bowling's all-time greats
  • Jim Lafferty - former President, P&G Philippines 
  • Lea Salonga - internationally renowned performer 
  • Bobby de Ocampo - former Finance secretary and president of AIM
  • Donald Lim - CEO, Yehey! and the youngest president of PMAP
  • Bebet Gozun - former DENR secretary and one of the UN's 7 Champions of the Earth 
  • Boni Comandante - inventor/entrepreneur, pioneered "sleeping fish" technology
  • Francis Kong - author, sought-after speaker, and businessman 
  • Jim Libiran - News and Public Affairs head and director of Cinemalaya 2007 prize winner "Tribu" 

There are a few other people we interviewed. Overall, we interviewed a good mix of people.

Nearly 3 years have passed. We have had our own personal endeavors and can't devote all our time to this, and we've struggled to put our book together. Youth became an impediment for us, I think. But not before making a few drafts and a framework together. :)

In brief, let me share this framework with you, my dear readers:

We have found that our "school360 champions" have knowingly or unknowingly adopted a 4-step framework in their student lives. Note that it proceeds from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, although you can always take steps back.
1. Openness to new experiences - This is a combination of getting out of one's comfort zone, trying new experiences, and taking risks in life. It always starts from this.
2. Passion and purpose - Step #1 enables people to Step #2. This is about finding a consuming passion or a purpose. It doesn't matter how early or late it's discovered, but having it early is definitely a help.
3. Hard work - Having clarity on Step #2 makes Step #3 worthwhile. This is all about hard work, perseverance, grit and pushing yourself for years.
4. Improve yourself - At the end of the day, one should improve from his/her experiences. You come out of your experience a better, stronger person! This improvement can be either personal or professional (esp. in business.)

Would you be interested to read this book once we publish it? Please let me know - I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks!
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