Monday, September 29, 2008

Fab Facebook gadget

To my knowledge, no Philippine company so far has tapped social networks (Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Myspace) and achieved monumental success. There are the banner ads but that's mainly it, nothing yet that has broken out of the mold the way Wario did on Youtube.

What could be the barriers preventing this? Cost? The fear of foraging into the unknown and backfiring world of social networks? These social networks' resellers in the Philippines?

This campaign by Fab done in Facebook is a welcome difference. Exploiting the assets and the recall caused by the wonderful girl-in-brother's-shirt commercial, they proceeded to make a Facebook app out of it.

I just wonder how they intend to use the information they gathered here... or was it purely for a fun consumer experience?

I've also seen Colgate do something in Facebook but those are primarily ads related to the Fresh Confidence video making contest.

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