Thursday, July 16, 2009

Web page screen grab/capture tools

Have you ever experienced having to grab/capture an entire web page into an image file, but found it difficult because the page spans more than your computer's monitor with tools like zapgrab or print-screen?

If you have had that dilemma, here are 2 nifty tools that can help you.

The first one requires that you have Firefox installed as your web browser instead of the standard IE. The add-on that does the magic for you is called Screengrab, downloadable at the Mozilla add-ons site, here. It's extremely easy to use. Once you've installed the add-on, you'll see the screengrab icon at the lower right of your Firefox window. Go to the page you want to screengrab, click the icon, and click either save or copy.

The second one is a free online tool called Aviary. How you use this tool is just simply go to:<>. Even more so, you can also do basic image editing on this tool! So if you want to grab and edit, just go to And oh - Aviary is also available as a Firefox add-on.

Hope these can help you!
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