Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear God... (more funny letters!)

After the first post, I decided to find more funny letters to God, and here are some of them!
By the end of the photos, I'd like to connect an amazing TEDtalk to these letters.

1. How hard is it to love people?

2. This reminds me of Kaitlyn Maher's answer to "Are you from New York?" and Maher's answer is... here.

3. Wow, this kid is suggesting to God what He should have done with Cain and Abel.

4. This takes the grand prize for me!

These letters written by kids remind very strongly of Rebecca Saxe's TEDtalk about how the abilities of children/people to reason out and judge scenarios of "people thinking about thinking people" develop markedly and rapidly between the ages of approximately three and seven years old.

She discusses how the RTPJ (the part of the brain that enables us to read minds and intentions) works (geek stuff here), and ultimately how we can influence other's minds (using magnetic devices).

It is a very exciting talk - one of the best I've seen via Ted.com!

Thanks to Geek Army for the letters!
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