Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breaking news: AH1N1 (swine flu) confirmed in DLSU-Manila

(update 5)

De La Salle is suspended from Jun 4-13 after a case of A (H1N1), also known as "swine flu," was confirmed today (Jun 3) by the Department of Health.

According to a memo released by DLSU President Br. Armin Luistro, the H1N1 victim is a female foreign student who arrived in the Philippines on May 12. It is not stated in the memo when the student submitted herself to medical analysis. According to a reliable source, the student started showing symptoms last May 29. It's not known if the student actually went to school that day.

According to unconfirmed sources, that the person in question is from either the College of Business and Economics or Computer studies, and is an exchange student from Japan. She was said to have arrived from Taiwan.

Even before the incident, the memo said that DLSU has been implementing precautionary measures against the virus, such as information dissemination, and regular disinfection of critical areas.

The memo urged the comunity to monitor flu-like symptoms and to stay away from large crowds.

Check the official DLSU site for up-to-date info on H1N1 and DLSU. According to ABS CBN news, "this is the first case in the country of a school applying the Department of Health (DOH) mandated alert status for A (H1N1) cases."

Manuel Quezon III said that "Health Sec. Duque says 120 possible contacts with girl who had H1N1 in DLSU."

Note: DLSU is also off-limits to employees. How about the Brothers though, who live in the campus??

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