Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers 2 - thoughts and vids

My review of Transformers 2 will come this weekend, but since Transformers 2 is now showing, I decided to go find something funny about it. Here are some of them :)

1. Stop motion video of Bumblebee beating the living s**t out of Optimus Prime.

Nice! Kick to the balls!

2. Jaw-dropping speed painting of Optimus Prime by Nico di Mattia.

Check out other di Mattia speed painting vids: the classic Transformers 1 Megan Fox hood scene, Bumblebee.

3. How about Optimus Prime dancing?

4. Funny transformers commercial for Double A, a paper brand.

A whole gamut of more videos is here.

5. How about Transformers 3? This news article says that if a third movie will be made, it will still be directed by Michael Bay, and Shia Labeouf said the movie "will be darker" and that "someone has to die."

6. The official music video of "New Divide" the Linkin Park song for Transformers 2.

7. Hot MOKO Transformers-themed photoshoot!! Sample pic below:

That's all for now folks!
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