Sunday, June 28, 2009

Malcolm's - good food, bad customer service

Malcolm's is a restaurant in Salcedo Village, Makati, famous for serving Wagyu beef in many forms. Wagyu Ribeye, Wagyu burger, Wagyu wasabe steak sandwich, Wagyu sirloin, and even Wagyu sisig.

I've eaten there for around 3 times if I remember correctly. While the first experiences were great - except for the price tag - the last one was outright BAD. Here's a breakdown of the events last June 26:

1. I and 6 of my colleagues went to Malcolm's at around 12 noon. We settled in the 2nd floor of the restaurant.
2. The waiter gave us a plate of chips to eat while we gave our orders. The chips were soft, as if they were old. The chips were actually given to us out of a cordoned area in the 2nd floor, and not from the ground floor. We ordered mostly Wagyu sisig (sisig+rice, around P385 per order.)
3. We were having a good time, joking around with one colleague of ours. Another group of my colleagues (there were 6-7 of them) went to Malcolm's around 10 minutes after we went there.
4. One hour after we got to Malcolm's, our orders were still not done. We followed up 3 times, each time, the waiter answers that's it's nearly done. The other group I mentioned in #3 were already eating.
5. The third time we followed-up, the guy said the plating was being prepared. Five minutes after, the plating was still not done. WTF.
6. We went down. Our food was not yet done! The restaurant manager apologized, saying that something wrong happened with their gas. (A few moments after, they handed out a dish of Wagyu sisig to a guy sitting in the ground floor.)
7. A good ten minutes passed by, and our order is still not done. Why were our colleagues able to get their orders quicker? They pre-ordered, Malcolm's said... so we thought it's our mistake.
8. We had already decided to take our food out, after more than 1 hour of staying in Malcolm's. They were kind enough to take off the service charge.
9. When we got back to the office, some of our orders missed spoons and forks. WTF again.
10. So we asked our colleagues (the other guys who ate at Malcolm's) if they did some sort of pre-ordering. THEY DIDN'T. Malcolm's fooled us.

I don't want to eat there again.
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