Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paragraph of the day - didn't know Bill Gates was like this

The paragraph below, written by Tim Ferriss about Bill Gates and risk-taking, made my day - made me wish I got more involved in scheduling classes during my school years!

In 1970, Computer Center Corporation ran into financial trouble that would eventually put it out of business, but by then, Gates and Allen had found a new computer home at the University of Washington, where Allen’s father worked. Lakeside also pitched in: during Gates’s junior year at the prep school, the administration offered him a job computerizing the scheduling system. Over the summer, Gates and Allen wrote the program, which coincidentally assured that Gates was assigned to classes with mostly girls—a sequence straight out of a nerd’s revenge movie.

Italicized sentence = WIN.

To read more about Bill Gates' early childhood antics, click here for the entire post.
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