Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Takuya Sugi / Yoshitsune - the best highflying wrestler of all time (in my opinion)

Takuya Sugi is a Japanese wrestler famous for having amazing high flying techniques and a ton of gimmicks. He wrestles under more than a dozen gimmicks, including Yoshitsune, mini CIMA, Catfish Man, Rabbit Boy, Little Dragon, El Blazer, Sugi, and a lot more.

Watch the video below and understand just how skilled this wrestler is, be sure to keep your eyes open for:
1:34 -> Blazing Arrow
1:48 -> don't know what this is called - an indescribably flip into the ropes
2:09 -> dizzying sequence :)
3:29 -> standing shooting star press (wrestlers normally have to go to the top rope to execute this move)
4:20 -> looks like a running top rope asai moonsault
4:31 -> Cielo Perfecto Uno (I can describe it as a springboard somersault into a hurricanrana)
The last 30 seconds -> amazing

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