Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The blog is dead...

Blogging is dead, and "lifestreaming" is in.

I found a very nice presentation that talks this by Yong Fook, founder of opensourcefood and project lead of Sweetcron.

He says that 66% of blogs are dead and majority of what's existing now are commercial blogs. He points to several things:
  • Blogging has matured (Think Techcrunch or Robert Scoble's blog)
  • "More distractions (Think youtube, flickr, social networks, the whole array! And my favorite, Kongregate)
  • Short attention span of people (How long do people stay on a site before clicking away anyway?)
Because of these, Yong Fook introduces the "lifestream"which basically pulls activity from many sites and conveniently shows them in one place. Examples would be Friendfeed and Sweetcron.

I see this as the general trend towards Web3.0: of being able to get all sorts of stuff from all sorts of places and aggregating them together. Popular services will be open and people can use the APIs freely to empower their own sites and make things easier for the site visitors (this may be hard for corporate sites). It will also make much use of new capabilities like geo-locating (Mozilla just released Geode!).

With that being said, let me share his entertaining presentation!

The Blog is Dead!
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: social activity)

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