Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ramon Bautista, Francis M, and Nescafe

It was a few months ago when I first saw this viral video of Ramon Bautista (of "Dan Michael" fame) undergoing what he is calling "master rapper training." I found the video funny as always, because Ramon Bautista is for some reason a natural comedian. At the end of that video, seeing that Ramon is going to challenge Francis M for some sort of contest, that got me thinking there may be a part two, which I looked forward to.

Then I saw an interesting multiply blog entry from my friend Luis where I saw a Nescafe TVC featuring - you guessed it! - Francis M and Ramon Bautista! It turned out that the viral was a Nescafe-produced viral.

As you can see Ramon's clothes are the same. The details that stuck to me for both the videos was the word "listo" (alert). Master Balagtas mentioned it to Ramon during "training" (maging listo para istilo'y di mabisto - be alert so you won't give away your style) and the TVC (pa-listuhan contest)

Very nice transition - I think this viral-mainstream TVC 1-2 punch allowed Nescafe to target a niche group and the general public with a message that is very consistent. I haven't seen a Philippine company do this yet. This may well be the first, and I must say they did a great job!

And it was coupled with a very nice website! Notice the clothing of both Francis and Ramon are the same, for consistency purposes of course.
It had a quiz (a 100-item quiz! Talk about engagement) and several other features that will be activated in the coming weeks.

The viral, TVC and the website all drive home the point that Nescafe will make a person alert. Very nice messaging!
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