Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gaming can be used for marketing...

Paul Garilao recently blogged about a gaming tournament that was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay. According to him, "more than 3,000 game enthusiasts were alive and kicking as they witnessed the fierce competition of countries" in the game of Ragnarok.

It's notable that Yahoo! Philippines was a sponsor of the activity. Paul wrote, "Jojo Anonuevo, General Manager for Yahoo! Philippines, said 'gaming is also an online activity that's why Yahoo! supported it.'"

I am a fan of professional gaming. Specifically, Korean Starcraft professional gaming. It's amazing how the players are treated like star athletes (with figures like Slayers_'BoxeR', sAvior, Jaedong, Flash, etc!) It's basically like a PBA of Korea in the sense that "the Korean professional scene is currently divided into 12 teams, 11 of which are sponsored by corporations, and the other by the Korean Air Force."

I observed one fascinating instance where Pringles sponsored a Starcraft tournament. The branding was all over the place, but even more forcefully, the Pringles logo was in the map!

If you are interested to watch the entire match, you can watch it here.
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