Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pinoy Exchange: What a way to sell the home page

Pinoy Exchange's home page as of October 28 has this huge Nokia phone creative bordering the actual content of the site. Turns out the Nokia phone creative is a giant banner which actually leads to Nokia.com.ph

I feel Pinoy Exchange has cluttered up its page with ads. (It should emulate Google, which is also trying to squeeze more advertising $$$ from its services but in a more non-invasive way, here.)

Meanwhile, FemaleNetwork has literally placed a doormat before entering their site with an Olay advert.

I personally feel that the Female Network version is cleaner and is friendlier for the consumer, because this is quite common practice, and the consumer can choose anytime to leave the advert and go on to the main page. :) That choice is not available for the Pinoy Exchange ad.
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